Transform empty space into opportunity.

Find the commercial space to turn your dream job into a reality,

or earn extra money by sharing your space with someone else.

What is SpaceTogether?

SpaceTogether is an online marketplace for commercial property. Whether you have space not in use part or all of the time, or you need to find a new place, we help you transform empty space into opportunity.

Why would I use SpaceTogether?

Renters: You can read reviews of the space and the person providing it, and securely message the space provider to negotiate the right deal for you. Once you've found the perfect place, you can pay for the space instantly with your credit card.

Space Providers: You can rent your entire space or sections of it, and you can set the length: agreements anywhere from hours to months long. You can vet your prospective renters through their reviews. And you'll never have to track down your tenant for a check again, since we automatically charge their credit card and deposit the payment into your account, as soon as the payment clears.

How much does it cost?

It's free to sign up. You can list a property, send messages, and even apply for rentals without even entering your credit card.

We only earn money when a renter and space provider are matched, so we only succeed after you make money.

We take a small surcharge from the renter (5% on monthly rentals, 6% on hourly and daily rentals) and we take a service fee from the space provider (5% on monthly rentals, 6% on hourly and daily rentals).

How do I get started?

Sign up and we will personally walk you through the process when we launch in January 2018.

Get Started with SpaceTogether

SpaceTogether is opening in January 2018. Sign up today to be on the site when it launches.

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